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The Compact is a rugged simple but effective portable 12 volt solar powered water purification unit. It can be taken most anywhere to produce clean and safe drinking water from most creeks, rivers, lakes, wells, Bores or tank water where drinking water is needed without the need for mains or generator power. The Compact is completely self contained producing 100 litres an hour of clean healthy drinking water in almost any remote situation.
DELIVERY Within four weeks of order
USE Emergency and disaster relief, remote work sites, Humanitarian relief.

Specifications :
Solar with 12 Volt heavy duty back up
Output 100 litres per hour
Filtration 5 micron sediment filter plus carbon filter plus reverse osmosis unit. Ultraviolet light disinfection
Size Length 1200mm Width 600 Height 360 Weight 36 kgs
Rugged build, no chemicals used, reliable, no installation or expert maintenance.
Deployable immediately, designed to bring clean drinking water where it is needed as fast as you can get to the disaster relief site to provide humanitarian assistance.

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