Reasons to Use


The Crisis
Australia has very little safe drinking water outside of major cities. The problem becomes worst for babies, children and the old and sick where the quality of their everyday drinking water is critical to their health and well being. Then there are the remote indigenous communities where health outcomes are in constant threat from water born decease.
While the political focus is on water quantity the crisis is one of quality and access in remote and rural Australia to clean drinking water.
Engineering infrastructure has historically grown in size. - The bigger the better. This is true in water treatment and water distribution. The water infrastructure in a large city like Sydney is massive and it has taken 200 years to build.
Now alternative strategies for provision of essential clean drinking water is called for. The Living Water Wheel provides a way of implementing a "point of use "solution. The units can be sized for the local need.
The best water treatment unit is one that is the right size.
"Point of use" solutions eliminate hundreds of kilometres of underground piping, pumping systems require less maintenance and the maintenance is easy.
The Living Water Wheel is a practical way of improving the lives of the vulnerable in our world - the remote, the disadvantaged, the young and the elderly, those affected by natural disasters including fire and floods.
The products demonstrate how the application of the latest technological advances in engineering can provide a source of the most basic substance for survival – clean drinking water.
The Living Water Wheel provides long term solutions to water quality issues in an environmentally friendly delivery rather than the short term provision of water with environmental despoliation side effects of bottled water.