Sun Runner 1

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The SunRunner is solar powered with 12 volt output back up capable of putting out 100lts per hour of clean and safe drinking water from contaminated or polluted water. Ideally suited for remote communities, homesteads, Eco Tourist operations, National Parks and remote workplaces it can provide the daily clean water needs for in excess of 100 persons .It is ruggedly built but simply engineered ideal for rural and remote locations. The SunRunner is a simple and effective solution to delivering clean pure water from water from contaminated water sources such as creeks, rivers, lakes, wells, Bores or tank water. It can be taken most anywhere. The SunRunner will produce in excess of 100 litres an hour in almost any remote situation.

SunRunner Specifications
Solar with 12 Volt heavy duty back up
Output 100 litres per hour
DC pump ,Filtration 5 micron sediment filter plus carbon filter plus reverse osmosis unit. Ultraviolet light disinfection and 15L pressure tank.
Size Length 1200mm Width 750mm Height 1200mm Weight 50 kgs

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