What Maintenance does it require?

Simple, tested and robust technology and construction is built in to every Living Water Wheel.
All materials as well as the applied technology are based on the intensive use in remote and tropical areas. Can be installed, operated and maintained by people with no technical education or background.
Keep the solar panel clean as it gets dirty the electrical charge ability will degrade. Depending on the suspended matter in your water source you will need to wash out the 5 micron sediment filter. You will know when to do this as you water flow will be reducing.
Battery life is around 3 years and each six months check battery distilled water levels.
The replacement of the UV lamp, after 10,000hrs of use, that’s about five and a half years after you start it up for the first time.
Other than that it should be smooth sailing. If you have any problems press here and tell us, we will attend to your question....... ASK Here